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    Brazilian Game wins BIG Festival 2016

    A fair in São Paulo is bringing together players, developers and even investors to the gaming industry. It is an independent festival, but it shows the growth of the electronic games industry in Brazil. A game created in Brazil won the International Festival of Independent Games that takes place in São Paulo.

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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Check out the Press Event photos for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, one of the most successful events hosted by FD Comunicação

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    Alien: Isolation

    Check out the Press Event for Alien: Isolation, the most successful one ever hosted by FD Comunicação

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Who are we?

In our 18 years active, we have worked for global giants such as SEGA, BANDAI NAMCO Games, Riot Games, Valve and UOL BoaCompra, as well as with the Brazilian companies Hoplon, Cyber Rhino Studios and Abragames (Brazilian Game developers Association). Our company flourished together with the Brazilian videogames industry, and during this period we helped publish more than 1000 titles, developed in several countries.

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What do we do?


Tailored strategic communication plans, crafted to reach the proper spontaneous media.


Institutional media campaigns, or the launch of a title with focus on capturing more players.


Communication and relationship with the active community of players to obtain and maintain the audience.


Road shows, press conferences, launch parties, of games and geek or gamer products.


We offer guidance on influencer marketing. Our specialty is working with brazillian games industry influencers and we manage a popular YouTube personality: Zangado. He is in the Top 3 of gaming YouTubers in Brazil, with more than 3 million subscribers.


Silvio Martins
Silvio MartinsCD Projekt RED
The success of The Witcher 3’s launch/hands-on event for journalists in Brazil was due to the know-how and expertise of the entire FD team. I couldn’t imagine anything better!
Frank Chiechi
FD goes beyond the call of duty to make sure your product gets the maximum exposure in the market, and they are also real leaders when it comes to Public Relations.
Rafael Paixão
Rafael PaixãoEcogames
Fernanda  is a PR expert, vastly experienced in the videogames market, who’s been working with us for a long time. Her knowledge in the area has provided us with several “deeds” in the press, resulting in notable articles in many respectable publications, something that’s also due to her vast list of contacts.
Mitikazu Lisboa
Mitikazu LisboaHive Digital Media
Fernanda is a highly communicative Professional, focused in results, whom has proven herself effective in several moments in the past 3 years, when her company provided Hive Digital Media, Brazil’s largest game developer, with PR Services.
Winston Petty
Winston PettyInsolita Studios
To my knowledge, Fernanda is the best expert in videogames industry and press in Brazil. Her vast experience covers every segment possible of the market, something that becomes highly evident when you start working with her. Not only she knows how the industry works, she also knows what works best in the industry.
Sergio Damasceno
Sergio DamascenoEditora Meio & Mensagem
Fernanda is na excellent professional, with suggestions that are really interessant, and with initiatives that result in positive approaches.
Fabio Santana
Fabio SantanaCapcom
I had the pleasure of working with Fernanda in multiple occasions, in different capacities, and her support was always a decisive factor. As a journalist and editor, her dedication  had no limits when I needed her help in my career of PR representative.
Felipe Vinha
Felipe VinhaTechTudo
Fernanda is one of the best videogames PR agents in Brazil. I worked with her in three different companies and I obtained excellent and unique experiences in all of them.
Théo Azevedo
Théo AzevedoUOL Jogos
I met Fernanda in 1996 and, since then, she has helped me to deal with many issues. She’s in handling deadlines, press and game companies. She’s very dedicated to solving problems and she’s also very gentle and calm. You just can’t miss with her.
Gustavo Petró
Gustavo PetróIGN
Fernanda is a great media consultant. She always helps and she’s always there when you need it. Besides, she’s focused on always doing the best job, learning new things and bringing new clients to her company. If you work with her, you’re in the best hands of the market.
Glauco Bueno
Glauco BuenoEcogames
Fernanda is a great journalist who chose an excellent niche of market to explore and to develop her skills, like few Brazilian professionals do. Keep following your objectives, because results will keep on coming, as you can see. Congratulations.
Jean Toledo
Jean ToledoCapcom
Fernanda’s ability to nurture relationships with several people continues to astonish me. When I go to her Office, I find out she spoke and saw everyone I’ve spoken to and more. This talent is refelcted on her work and, in my opinion, is a fundamental attribute to anyone who wishes to be successful in publicity and PR.
Philip DeBevoise
Philip DeBevoiseMachinima
Fernanda is the greatest expert when it comes to games and press industry in Brazil. FD is a visionary company in this market, with a stellar reputation and “Class A” clients. These were the reasons that made Machinima choose FD Comunicação as one of its partners in Brazil.
Denny Chiu
FD Comunicação provides us services with a level of expertise in Public Relations that can only come from years of experience in the videogames industry of a specific region. The Brazilian media coverage that we reached when we worked with FD Comunicação can only be described as IMPRESSIVE.